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Kyle L. Hiznay



Present Address
421 Bellevue Pl.
, Mi 49007


Education: Aug 1999 to Dec 2003

College of Business, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 49006. BBA Degree, December 2003.

Major: Business Management. Major classes include Organizational Behavior, Analytical Foundations, Project Management, Project Leadership, Human Resource Management, Managing for Quality, Compensation and Benefits, Intermediate Macro Economics, and Integrated Communications.  .

Joliet Junior College. Business Statistics, 2001. Completed my statistics requirement.


Aug-Current 2002 to 2003

Federal Security Screener, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, Kalamazoo, MI, 49002. Work 40+ hours a week while attending school full time. I began working for the TSA in Aug 2002 as a Federal Security Screener. Completed Master Screener certification in Aug 2002. 

Sept-Aug 2001 to 2002

Security Screener, Huntleigh. 5235 Portage Road, Kalamazoo, MI, 49002

Worked 30 hours a week while attending school full time. Held Huntleigh screener training certification.

May-Aug 2001 to 2001

            Warehouse Manager,, 345 S. Madison, Burr Ridge, IL, 60467

Worked 40+ hours a week. Supervised all warehouse operations and 25+ employees. Duties included receiving customer orders, directing product selection, directing production, and transfer of finished product to shipping.  


Summers 1996 to 2000

Worked multiple jobs including; day camp counselor, food service industry positions, and grocery store clerk.


Snowboarding, automotive restoration and repair, and reading.


Mr. John Carroll, CEO; LARS Sports Academy, Lockport, IL 60467. Phone: 708/301-6058

Mr. Jim Mulder, Director of Business Development,, 345 S. Madison, Burr Ridge, IL, 60467. Phone: 708/269-5546