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Well, you clicked the link so you must want to know more about me...why? Ha, just kidding, im the most interesting person you ever met. Turst me, I know.

Well here is a quick rundown of me. I go to school at Western Michigan University. I am a business management major and I am in my junior year. I am the President of the Paintball Club up here. We will have a website up soon that i'll link up to through here. My hobbies are my Camaro, drag racing, messing with morotcycles, paintball, and doing whatever else i find interesting at the moment.

If for some unknown reason you want to know even more about me, well here ya go. I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Illinois when i was 3, and now I live in Michigan for school. Back home I live with my dad, mom, sister, and my totally cool dog Spike. At school I have 3 roomates that i share an apartment with. One of them is the Vice President of the paintball club here at western, the chick ice skates a lot and argues with the first one a lot. The last one works, studies, and messes around with his girlfriend, interesting guy huh? :D J/K Matt.

Well there I am. I know you cant really see me but thats the only pic i have of myself so deal with it. Besides, you should really be looking at the car :)

Although I can't tell ya much about my job, I will tell ya I work in security. If i told you anymore, id have to kill you, seriously.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the best movie of all time. Did you know that??

Quote of the whenever I get around to changing it next:

Dont sweat the small stuff.
Everything is small stuff.