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Friends Cars

This page is for cars of friends and family. You'll find a lot of cars from the MFBA here, hopefully :)


Engine mods: Moroso CIA, Kirban short throw shifter, MAC
shorty headers, no cat, 3" flowmaster w/ single outlet,
160 degree themro., centerforce DF clutch.

Suspension mods: Koni yellows, 2" eibach lowering springs, Spohn adjustable lower control arms and adj. panhard rod, LS1 aluminum driveshaft, weld-in subframe connectors, LS1 brake upgrade w/ powerslot rotors and hawk racing
pads, 1LE swaybars, and more to come... :)



Dave's 97 Z28

This is Dave's 97 Z28. It's a LT1 backed up by a 4L60e. Mods are a Moroso cold air intake and a Borla XR-1 race muffler. He has since traded this car in for a silver 99 Z28. Ill have pics of that up soon. Best run on this car is 14.2.

gettin ready to smoke the tires

2 gens coming together to scare the shit out of mustangs everywhere

Dave's 99 Z28 and Erica's 02 SC

This is Dave's Silver 99 Z and Erica's NBM 02 SC. Dave and Erica are boyfriend and girlfriend. Isnt that cute??? They have matching cars, that is also cute. Dave's car has a bit more power but he drives like a girl and doesnt use it so I guess thats another thing they have in common ;) haha, i crack myself up. Well, they are both stock performance wise cept Dave has a borla XR-1 and a LS1 motorsports grill. They also both have tint, t-tops, and blackouts.

dave and erica's rides

I like big butts and I cannot lie.......

The Beakmobile

Erica's Ride

SS Mark

Mark's 89 IROC-Z. Powered by the venerable L98 350 and backed up with a 700r4. Its got SLP runners, AFPR, ported plenum, 3"highflow cat/offroad pipe, flowmaster and Nitto 555R's. His best time so far is 14.8@90 2.00 60' with a clogged cat. Its gona be smoking once that clogged cat is off :)


look at dat big beautiful 350


WickedZ's 1995 Z28. It has weld draglight all around, skinnys in the front and drag radials out back. As far as mods, all he says is it has all the major bolt on's :)



Jill's 92 RS camaro. It had a 305 TBI, t-tops, and 700r4. The car had a cervini ram air hood on it. Very nice looking 3rd gen. Too bad its gone :(

That hood is TITS


This is Dereks 90 IROC-Z. Awesome looking car that was insanely quick with both the L98 and the LT1 in it. Chassis: Kenny brown Super subs, BMR tubular LCAs, BMR adjt. Panhard Pod, Removed front swap bar. Transmission: Fully built with heavy duty art carrinterals, Full manual Valve-body, B&M Tranny cooler, Art Carr 10 2500 stall converter. Driveline: Stock 10 bolt, Zexel torsen SLP take out posi, Richmond 3.73 gears, TPIS 3.5 aluminum driveshaft
Ignition: Accel 300+ ignition , Taylor wires , over the valve coverlooms. MISC: March underdrive pullies (2 piece), 160* T-stat, Hypertech cool fan switch, Fans on at 176* off at 160*, Ram-Air thru front grill, .5 diameter ram air tubes, K&Ns, TPIS air foil. 13.12 @ 103 with a 1.71 60ft with the TPI motor.
Unfortunitly this beast met a premature death by way of telephone pole. May it Rest In Peace.

the ss iroc


This is Derek's 95 convertable T/A. He is NOT going to mod it with MTI stage 3 LT4 heads and intake , cc306 , comp cams r lifters , AFR hydra rev , 1.6 crane golds , Mezeire H20 pump , double roller chain , hooker LT's , Mufflex 4" , 3500 Vig., Trans go &cooler, Wolferacecraft 6 point rollbar and nothing else....ya, right.

just another 4th gen ;)

The Pete Vette

What can I say about the Pete Vette?? Well its the nicest 200hp car ive ever been in, thats for sure :) It is a 80 Vette, miata red, silver tinted t-tops, and it is numbers matching car. Now all Pete has to do is send me a front view of the car.


If you want your car considered for posting here, email me any info you want posted on it and two pics of it that you want up. If I like it ill post it. If not, ill feed it to the dogs ;)