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The Animals

Pics of my beasts will reside here. So it is said, so it will be done.


Spike is my families terrier mix. He is about 11 or 12 years old but still going like a friggin maniac. Ill get some pics of him up ASAP.

Spike trying to figure out what a camera is.

My Tiger Stripe Ameiva

I have had my tiger stripe ameiva (jungle runner) for about 3 months now. Hes pretty cool for a lizard. Eats a lot of crickets, but other then that he mainly sits around all day or sleeps under a rock. Hes got a tounge that flicks like a snake which is one of the reasons i got him. Hes still a child by lizard standards (just shy of a foot long with tail) he will get up to about 2 feet when fully grown.

Dont got a pic of the lizard yet so here is a cat.

My Fish and Frog

I have a chinese algea eater, a red molly (i think) and an african dwarf frog. They all chill in a 3 gallon tank i have in my room. Pretty boring but the frog is entertaining at times. His name is Squats. The algea eaters name is Hoover (cause he sucks) and the mollies name is 305, cause he looks good but doesnt do anything, just like a 305 chevy motor :)

Well jimmy is the animal right?????