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Welcome To My Homepage

This is my first shot at building a webpage so dont expect too much too soon. Your mainly gona find info on me, my 1988 Iroc-Z Camaro and whatever other random crap i wana throw up on here. so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Pick a link to wherever yer little heart desires. Hopefully it will take you somewhere cool, but knowing me, it will probably be about cars or paintball so deal with it :D My email addy will be on here somewhere too if for some strage reason you wish to contact me. I guess im gona have a guestbook too so sign it, or ill break your legs, J/K ;)

Craftsman Power

Jon, a lawnmower, a helmet, and boring. Bad combination.

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What's New?

This is my updates section, so check here to see if you missed any new junk i put up.

Finally decided to update the site. I added a new page showing off my new Honda Shadow motorcycle and also added a bit to the IROC page. Happy New Year!!!
Updted the IROC Page and the Paintball Page.

Just added some more pics on the friends rides page. I have paintball gun pics coming soon, including my tricked out piranha and my new RT mag.

Just added a short video of the IROC on the IROC-Z page. Go check it out.

Well, I did a bunch of work to the Jeep section. I also added a friend's cars pics page and a page just for burnouts.

I figured out how to put pics up. Check out the site for cool new junk. I am starting work on my IROC section.

Just created the site. Keep it in your pants and ill get some pics up right quick, I promise. Until then, be happy with what I gave ya.