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My 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100

Im a bike freak. I admit. I have to ride something. In the spring of 02 I decided it was time to upgrade from my old 88 Honda NX125 dual sport to something a little more roadworthy and a tad faster. I began looking for a sportbike, mainly a 02 Honda VFR Interceptor 800 but to my dismay, insurance on sportbikes is ridiculous thanks to many newbie riders who think they can handle these bikes. SO, I decided to get myself something to play with until I could afford sportbike insurance. After looking around I found myself a brand new Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 at a dealership in Canton, MI. I headed out there on May 7th of 02 and picked up my new toy, the first new vehicle that I ever purchased. She had 5 miles on her when I picked her up. So far I have been very happy with the performance and ridability of the bike. Below are some pics of my newest toy. 

2 months after I picked her up, already has 1500 miles on her.

So far the mods to this bike have been pretty limited. All I've done so far is to remove the sissy bar, add a set of Cobra 2" drag pipes, remove the stock cobra baffles, add HP+ baffles, and to install a Dial-A-Jet system to the bike to keep her from running lean with the pipes. Near future modifications include drag bars, risers, a new seat like the one that comes on Shadow Sabers as well as a chin spoiler. Id also love to find a set of forward controls for the bike so I can get a more stretched seating position on the bike. Either this spring or next winter, I really want to build the motor. I want to add 11:1 pistons with the wrist pins moved up for more displacement, new custom ground cams, and boring out the cylinders as far as they will go and adding new sleeves for more displacement. Id also like to add a better ignition and either tune or change the carbs for better efficiency and more HP. Im planning on having Coytote Customs stretch my tank and rolling the seams. Id love to add a front end off of a 94-96 Honda CB1000 so that I can get twin front disc brakes and a rear off of a Sabre for rear disc. A custom paintjob would also be in the works with a few other touches to the apperance of the bike such as twin Hyperchargers and a neon kit for cool looks.  


As you may have noticed I list the bike as a 01 even though I bought it new in 02. I had an unfortunite, and as yet, unresolved incident where the dealer sold me the bike as an 02 when it was actually an 01. Every piece of paperwork I signed said the bike was a 2002. The bike was also missing its headlight bulb, owners manual, and tool kit when I got it. I caught the headlight bulb before I left the dealer but didnt notice the owners manual or toolkit until I got the bike back to Kalamazoo, almost 150 miles away from where I bought it. I've been calling the dealership since I bought the bike on May 7th to try and resolve all these issues, but as yet nothing has been done on their end. Ill update this page when the situation changes.